John M. Schwab
These original motorized
metal artworks (kinetic
sculptures) by John M.
Schwab provide a
whimsical look at the "inner
workings" of various
critters and contrivances as
perceived by the artist.  The
kinetic metal sculptures
shown in this collection are
normally in a "static" state,
with animation of the
artwork being controlled by
the observer.  This typically
occurs through the use of a
push button switch, lever,
or insertion of a coin which
energizes the artwork.
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The time that the sculpture is in motion is generally about a minute or so, often
regulated by an electronic timer.  In each piece, a disguised electric motor
provides mechanical movements of various and numerous parts within the work,
all of which
appear to have been set in motion by a "Little Man" (or several) who
try very hard in their attempt to bring life (and often "flight") to their subjects!